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Abs Ball Workout

4 Modules

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    • Arm drill - Biceps curl, hammer curl, French press, kick back then sprint about 1/8 mile and repeat the circuit. Each exercise is done with 20 reps and there is no rest from one exercise to the other.
    • Leg drill - Same reps as above... Squat, alternating lunge, wide stance squat, then do three sprints in a row at 70% (watch for injuries here!) Repeat.
    • Squat drill - three people interlock arms as they face away from each other. They lean on each other and do up to 50 squats.
    • Squat jump/jump rope combo back and forth. Switch every 30 seconds.
      Watch for people with bad knees or bad lower back.
    • Lunge - Walking lunge for 20 steps followed by a short sprint. Repeat 5-10 times.

    This is a great leg workout.

    1. After your warm-ups and a short run do the following:
    2. Compete one set of squats and one set of wide stance squats.
      Then go through a small circuit focusing on legs. (complete this loop twice.)
    3. Then switch the strength exercises to side step lunge and low pulse
      squat. Follow with the same circuit. (complete this loop twice.)
    4. Then switch the strength exercises to a pulsing lunge and low pulse
      squat. Follow with the same circuit. (complete this loop twice.)
    5. Then switch the strength exercises to step forward/step back lunge combo. Follow with the same circuit. (complete this loop twice.)
    6. Afterwards, do a 1/2 mile run at 70% or so.
    7. The reps on the weight segment should be 15-25.
    8. The entire workout is about 40 minutes. There is still time for abs and flexibility.

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