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Are you looking for a fitness business of your own?

My Story:

My name is Allan Fine . Does this sound familiar? Years ago I worked for a large chain of fitness centers as a certified personal trainer. I worked 50 -60 hours a week training 1-3 clients at a time, I was burnt out and underpaid, I sat down and thought what if I could earn over $100- $300 per hour consistently.

Then one day, I created Fitness Boot Camps Canada!

Due to the awe-inspiring demand for boot camps across North America, I want to give you the opportunity to operate your own Authorized FBCC Boot Camp.

You Can Make Over $1,000-$3000 a Week ... Working ONLY 8-16 Hours/Week

I know, it's not easy to believe when I say you could earn up to $1,000-$3000 weekly by just working 8-16 hours a week (at $100-$300 hourly). But, when you see how the training, business system, marketing and mentoring program all work together, you will see the possibilities. Now I know you have seen other programs out there charging less than $200 to become one of their locations on a profit sharing model.....
Do you know what that means?
They are going to take a huge amount of your profits year after year!!!
Probably over $100,000.00 of your hard earned money will go into their pockets over 5 years.
Do you really want to pay over $100,000.00 for a boot camp business?

I don't think so!

How We Will Help You Succeed!!

As a first step towards operating your own certified FBCC Boot Camp, the 5 day hands-on training (over one week) includes:
• How to train, help, and have fun at each camp
• How to select a park and location . How to deal with deal with permits and contracts
• You Creating your boot camp class and circuits
• How to design the camp so that it caters to all levels and for injuries
• How to do a proper evaluation
• Be there with ongoing training and support
• Actual instructing experience
• much more...

Once you have successfully completed our head office training you’ll be on your way towards controlling your future.
In addition to the training, here are examples of the services, products and training I provide for you:

• Include your location(s) in our complete marketing system (plus, we'll implement 95% of it without any of your help)
• Give you full administrative/registration/accounting support
• Give you a full camp uniform
• Give your campers full access to our online forum(a $2000 value), so your participants feel they are getting tremendous value from your FBCC certified camp location
• Provide you with all the equipment (Scale ,Music ,measuring tape, etc.) you need to start your FBCC Camp right away
• Provide an automated online payment and accounting system
• Place your bio and picture, as well as your camp's dates, times, and location on our search engine and conversion optimized website
• Provide assistance in selecting & purchasing other camp props
• Provide a rechargeable sound system
• Provide a NEW Camp routine every 4 weeks (for FREE), so that your participants sign-up month after month
• Provide you with liability release forms and evaluation papers
• Provide you with an automated e-mail coaching and follow-up system for participants
• Provide you with all the support, mentoring and consulting and all the guidance you need

Features of our FBCC Camp...The Fitness business is growing faster every year.
( I know I have been in it for 21 years now)

  • It is a turnkey fitness boot camp program... all you have to do is show-up!
  • Huge potential to earn $4,000- $10,000monthly
  • A franchise agreement- ( Not some cheap licence where once they sell it to you your on your own or they take half of your boot camp money FOREVER!) Some other boot camp licence's or franchises are inexpensive on the front end but they get you on the backend. Just imagine id you made $30,000.00 - $40,000.00 every year and they took 40%-50% of that. ( add it up)
  • A territory (we'll work out of mutual respect of existing certified camps)
  • Generate additional private personal training clients. Yes we help you start your own one on one training business and you make all that money for yourself. That could be a extra $5000.00 per month.

Do You Have What It Takes?

I'm currently looking for only qualified serious enthusiastic personal trainers and/or fitness instructors who:

    • Have one or more years(s) of experience as a fitness professional OR have been a graduate of a Fitness Boot Camps Canada program (we love recruiting from our FBCC Camps!)
    • Have a personal trainer or group fitness certification (or in the process of getting certified)
    • Live an active healthy lifestyle, which includes proper nutrition and exercising
    • Are very passionate about health and fitness

Getting Started Is Easy...

To start the process of getting your very own FBCC Camp location,
please apply to the best location for you, below:

We have found through years of experience that partnerships do work, that's why a franchise works!
We will ONLY honor the individual who signs the agreement form. No other camp will be Authorized or Recognized.

You must agree to the terms of the Authorized Fitness Boot Camps Canada Registration & Agreement Form.

NOTE: Unethical behavior and illegal business practices will result in removal of your franchise IMMEDIATELY.

Process to become Authorized & Certified:
Fill out the following request and we will contact you in 48 hours or less.

Email Address:
Phone Number:
Fax Number:
Postal Code:
Area or City you want a franchise in?
IE: Toronto , Ontario:
Are you already a Fitness
Trainer, if so how long for?:
When do you want to open
your location?:
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