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A day in the life of fitness boot camp

What is a typical day of boot camp like? If fitness boot camp is a new concept for you, thoughts of military men with large muscles and combat boots might be streaming through your mind. You may think that you will be screamed at or left behind if you can't keep up. You may also think that boot camp is just for women with yoga mats in a parking lot. Well think again.

Fitness Boot Camp Canada's Program began in Calgary ,Alberta where playing games and performing sports conditioning drills became just as common as running hills and push-ups. The only yelling that occurs is in concert with you, not at you. And no one goes unnoticed. If you start the boot camp program in pretty good shape, you end in the best shape of your life. If you are a beginner, you are never left to run alone in the dark. For a taste of our fitness boot camp program, read below or visit www.fitnessbootcampscanada.blogspot.com to see the journey of our boot campers as they become stronger with our fitness boot camp program to help them get into shape.

A Morning in the Life of a Boot Camper...

It's 4:30AM and the alarm goes off. You reach over to hit the snooze and realize it's "that time again". Time to start your day off right. Time to start working toward your goals for the day, the month, the rest of your life.

You quickly get dressed, grab your small meal , keys and running shoes (not the best ones, but the ones that can get dirty) and head out the door. You arrive by 5:20AM. Whew! No pushups for being late today.

Before you know it, you hear, "How's everybody feeling this morning?" Followed by a very loud, "GREAT!" from the group of people around you. And off you go for another awesome workout. Suddenly you feel much better about your day, and your choice to do something good for yourself. Reaching your goals isn't an option - but a MUST HAVE.
Program Details: 4-Week Outdoor Fitness Boot Camp ( Indoors In Winter)- 5:30AM, 6:30AM, 12 - 12-45 or
530PM-630 PM

Nutritional Counseling: All your Nutritional information is on the forum and designed to help you make that transition in your life to long term healthy eating, not a diet but a " Lifestyle Change"
Daily motivational support and accountability (You tell us your schedule and we hold you to it!)
T-Shirt and a water bottle(upon starting of program)
*Unlimited access to our forum that includes lifecoaching information and strategies and tons of nutritional info.
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