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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Purchase a Fitness Boot Camps Canada Franchise

Before Training and Success
After Training and Having Success
There is no way a fitness trainer can make $500+ per hour It works just like you said. It's incredible!
I think I may know how to do this on my own. I'm so glad I followed your plan. I would have made huge mistakes!
I was fitness trainer before, how in the world could I train 30 people at a time. Your program is so different and more comprehensive than I thought!
I work 8- 12 hours a day, like most small business owners! I'm working less and making 3 times as much per month.


How much money could I earn operating a Location?
This will vary depending on the population density in your city. On average, you could expect to earn $10,000 -$20,000 per month. It can take up to three to four months after your training to reach this level. We understand that this may be hard to comprehend, but when you see how the training, business system, marketing and mentoring program work, it will all make sense.

Why can't I just do this on my own?
Well, 90% of all new ventures fail! has been in business for years and we have a proven track record for improving each of our graduate’s lives. If you can answer all of these questions COMPLETELY and CORRECTLY, then you can try it alone.

  • How do I safely train groups in an outdoor setting?
    Where and how do I advertise?
    Where and how do I market?
    What is Guerrilla marketing?
    What techniques do I use?
    How do I get the media to work for me as you guys have?
    How do you teach a "" type of program?
    Why isn't a military Soldiers program safe?
    How do I train varied ability levels so it is safe and everyone has a great workout?
    How do I market myself?
    How and where do I secure a location, and do I have to pay?
    What tools and techniques are needed?
    What type of advertising is best for a location?
    How do I overcome customer objections?
    What sales techniques do I use to "close the deal"?
    What is the right professional image as instructor?
    How do I maximize my already unique identity?
    What evaluation process is needed for each new client?
    How do I give incentives so the clients will return?
    What kind of sports nutrition program do I use?
    How do I manage this fitness business?
    How do I turn an outdoor environment into a gym?
    What evaluation & business forms do I need?
    Who will insure me?
    How do I make a living at this?
    How do I make a safe and effective obstacle course?
    How do I keep the course challenging and different each and every day?
    How do I retain long term clients?
    Where can I teach such a program?
    How do I get the correct fitness certification?
    Who is my target market?
    What times work best for the classes?
    Who can I turn to when I have a question?
    How do I control the market in my area?
    Will I be attached to your, already successful website?
    Where do I begin with marketing?
    How do I align myself with allied health professionals?
    What add-on items work best to improve revenues?
    How and where do I get my official merchandise?

    If you cannot answer all of these questions, then allow us to guide you into a very SUCCESSFUL and LUCRATIVE fitness career, which will put your fitness background to work for you. We will help you to be more efficient in order to maximize your profit in the shortest amount of time.

Where does the training take place?
The Franchise Training Program is an extensive 1 week training program which takes place in Calgary, Alberta, , as well as hands on training during a current Course! After you have completed this program you will have the confidence and skills necessary to run an location of your own.

How much does this business cost?
Once we have assessed your application form and contacted you we will give you all the information and numbers.

What do I need to get started?
Contact head office to begin your application process. Don’t be worried if you don’t possess a current Provincial trainer certification, because we can help you get certified. You should also get a valid CPR/first aid certificate and be physically active yourself. These are the MINIMUM requirements.

Why should I invest in my own location?
When you buy into a Business, you are buying NAME RECOGNITION in the unique field of Boot Camp fitness training. Become part of a nation wide organization that holds teamwork as its key element. We will do everything in our power to ensure that your business succeeds. (If you succeed, we succeed) This is an exciting way to be a fitness professional, and obtain high income levels (usually within 90 days after your training).There is no better way to put your fitness knowledge to work, and earn this much money while having so much fun. There is no reason to work all day when you can make all of your income in just 3 hours a day.

Who can do this and what are the prerequisites?
Motivated individuals with a certificate or degree in fitness is ideal, however not necessary. You do not need to own a gym or a building to be a success!

What is a suitable location?
We work to ensure that each location is far enough away from the next so that each location will prosper. All new locations must be approved and authorized by Corporate, and is dependant on population density and distance from already established locations. This is done for everyone's benefit. We reserve the right to alter this approximated area.

What are my other costs associated with this Business?
We supply you with your whole kit. It is very unique to our idea and our philosophy. You don't need expensive equipment. You don't need a fitness facility. Everything you will need to know about advertising, marketing, and equipment costs will be covered in your Franchise Training Program.

What do I get from
The bulk of your training occurs during the 1 week Franchise Training Program (FTP). During this program you will receive the instruction and the tools to be your own Business owner. Website marketing so on top of what we do you know how to market your own personal page. You will get step by step help and guidance as we teach you our business model. We will teach you our tried and tested exercises and routines on an actual course, and teach you to apply them to a wide range of fitness levels. As well you will have the opportunity to actually teach and design fitness classes under our supervision. During your one week on location training/assistance you will attend and teach a boot camp in order to further facilitate the success of your location. On top of that at the end of that week we will leave with you a detailed ongoing training manual, specific to your location, to help put your mind at ease. You will also receive every month a new DVD on the business including new routines and marketing info. . You will have the marketing and advertising backing of a reputable national company. In short you will receive every tool we have to help you be successful in your venture.

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