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Winter 2009
Want to open an Fitness Boot Camps Canada franchise this Spring? 
Start the process NOW.

Purchasing an Fitness Boot Camps Canada franchise from inquiry to opening day takes place over a few months; start working with us now to see if your qualify.  As the largest and fastest growing boot camp franchise, we've got the experience to help you through securing locations, obtaining insurance and a business license all in time for a Spring opening.  Spring flowers may seem far away, but the time to start to start the process is now. Our next training is in February-leaving ample time for you to practice workouts in your park, recruit instructors and be ready for an April opening.  Our largest enrollments are in warmer weather-don't let another season pass you by.  Contact us @ to continue the process and help your community Spring into fitness this year! 
Boot Camp workouts top the list for 2009

Top 10 fitness trends for 2009
This year's most popular workout looks like it'll keep kicking booty in 2009 - Boot Camp-style workouts still top the American Council on Exercise's (ACE) just-released list of next year's fitness trends. Also at the top - ACE says fitness buffs will try to get more bang for their buck in this tough economy.

ACE's Top 10 fitness trends for 2009

Boot Camp-Style Workouts: These are still very popular because they give you a total-body workout that's varied, fun and challenging.  You burn a lot of calories (up to 600, says ACE), get a great cardiovascular workout, and strengthen your muscles with high- and low-intensity exercises like pushups, squats and lunges.  You don't usually get as much muscle fitness benefits in other aerobic exercises.

Budget-Friendly Workouts: With today's struggling economy, more people will cut costs to stay in shape.  Of the ACE-certified professionals surveyed, 48 percent said gym memberships will go down in 2009 and 52 percent said fewer people will hire personal trainers.  Look for more people to use the resources around them as their gym and equipment. 
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Boot Camp Fitness Explodes in Calgary for 2009

Canada -- Fitness Boot Camps work for adults and teens who need a lifestyle change but don't know where to turn. "These are the latest exercise solution for people tired and bored of the gym, who fail to see results exercising alone. Boot Camps are designed to help you get fit and lose fat fast and make a serious lifestyle change" says Fine.

“In your typical gym environment women and men can often feel intimidated or unwelcome in the weight training area, full of burly groaning and sweating men or young ladies in tight revealing exercise gear.” said Fine “More often than not men and women remain in the cardio area, spending day after day on the treadmill or the bike thinking cardio is the best way to lose fat or they try the weight area but have no idea at all what they are doing. This isn’t the answer to fat loss. What men and women need is more resistance and weight training, the very thing they feel unable or unwelcome to do.”

As well says Fine "We are seeing a chronic explosion of obese teens who are becoming these obese adults. " If we can change the thinking of someone between 11-17 years old, we can probably save their lives"

Fitness Boot Camps Canada and Teen Power Hour programs are designed to give women, men and teens the exercise, nutritional information and self esteem information to empower themselves, take back their lives and see results fast, while offering a group environment where everyone can bond, work together and feel part of a team. The adults programs are open to men and ladies of all ages and fitness levels. The Teen power hour is for 11- 17 year olds.

“Gyms can be lonely,confusing and scary places, even if you go with a friend chances are unless you spend thousands of dollars in one month with a trainer you wont see results” Fine stated. “Boot Camp takes away that concern, as you get the chance to exercise, socialize and feel like what you’re doing serves a purpose. What’s more it’s fun!”

Camp are at 530am,12 noon, 530pm for adults and 415pm and 6pm for teens and meet all over Calgary. All programs run 3 or 5 days a week. Camp runs for minimum of 4 weeks and up to 1 year,with some weeks off between each camp when trainers take vacations.

“These camps are guaranteed in writing to not only be effective but highly affordable” Allan Fine said, “They allow a group of 10-20 people to get all the benefits of Personal Training, at a fraction of the one-to-one cost”.

The first Fitness Boot Camps Canada and Teen Power Hour Camps kicks off on January 5th 2009, at the introductory 2 for 1 special to the end of January.

If you want more information, or you’d like to sign up for boot camp in Calgary, go to or email support ( @ ) fitnessbootcampscanada dot com or call 403-246-7386 EXT 3

If you're interested in a Spring opening be sure to attend a Discovery Day! 


  • Check out a workout in Calgary
  • Meet corporate staff, learn their responsibilities and how they will be supporting you if you are awarded a franchise.  
  • Have the opportunity to ask questions to all of our departments.


  • What a day in the life of an owner is like.
  • Fitness Boot Camps Canada's history, our internal mission, our company values and, most importantly, MEET US!
We start early at 5:30 AM at Mount Pleasant Community Center and plan to be finished around 1 PM
Travel expenses can be applied to franchise fee if you are awarded a franchise. 
Email to reserve your spot-space is limited!
We are happy to share hotel recommendations!
Training for excellence

Fitness Boot Camps Canada has more training's for its owners and instructors than any other program.  Franchise owner training happens once every three months and takes place over a week in Calgary-but it doesn't stop there.  Along with our quarterly franchise updates FBCC offers the following training's for instructors and owners:
  • Comprehensive Primary Certification
  • New Instructor Training
  • Comprehensive Continuing Education Series
  • Continuing Education Series
  • Team Lead Training
  • Basic Nutrition Training
  • Master Trainer Series
  • Service Training
  • Internet Promotion Training
  • Workout Specific Training
Along with training's FBCCs Owner Intranet highlights weekly tips and articles in its Training Zone.  Just another Fitness Boot Camps Canada supports your success!

Is YOUR City the Next Fitness Boot Camps Canada Location?

Fitness Boot Camps Canada is continuing to grow throughout the nation. Every day we receive requests from people wanting to take camp in places we do not have programs - yet. 

Will you be the person to change the lives of your friends and neighbors by giving them stronger hearts, lungs, muscles and confidence?  Our fun, innovative workouts keep people coming back for more. 

Contact Allan Fine to schedule a time to talk more about your own Fitness Boot Camps Canada franchise.

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