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Teen Power Hour for Toning , Proper Nutrition, Speed, Agility and Quickness Training

All campers will receive:

  • Official Teen Power Hour Boot Camp T-Shirt
  • Nutrition Manual
  • Personal Evaluation of Body Fat ,weight Speed, Agility and Power
  • Discount onTeen Power Hour Team and Individual Training during 2008-2009 school year (ask about details)

Orange County Kid's Fitness ProgramsTeen Power Hour Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

•  Please describe a typical camp session

A typical camp session includes 5-15 minutes of Warm-Up Drills and Exercises, 15-20 minutes of light high rep weight training, 15-20 minutes, Agility/Quickness Drills 15-20 minutes, Speed Drills 15-20 minutes, 10-15 minutes Strength & Conditioning Drills, 5-10 minutes Cool Down Exercises & Stretching. Several rest and water breaks are offered throughout as recovery and replenishment are just as important as work and intensity of work. Our #1 Goal is to teach your teen how to exercise and have fun doing it!!

•  What does each participant receive by attending camp?

•  Official Teen Power Hour T-Shirt

•  Speed, Agility, Quickness and Power Drills Manual

•  Personal Evaluation of Speed, Agility and Power

•  Discount on Teen Power Hour and Individual Training during 2008-2009 school year (ask about details)

•  What are the times?

Camp times vary with each camp location. Please go to the schedule page for more information.
Orange County Youth Sports Program

•  What is the cost of camp?

Camp registration is $239 for two weeks or just $139 for one week. Single session prices are $35 per session and will be accepted on an individual basis.

•  Where are the camps located?

Camps are located in Calgary Alberta

•  What is the age range of camp participants?

Participant ages vary from 11-17 years old. Warm-ups and cool-down periods will include all ages together. Participants may be grouped by age as necessary depending on participant skill/ability levels and the size of each camp.

•  Are the camps separated by gender or co-ed? Orange County Speed Training Camp

All camps are co-ed.

•  What are the skill & ability levels of participants?

Ability levels vary from beginning level young athletes to elite high school athletes. Drills and exercises are adapted for each athlete, regardless of background or ability.

•  What is the camper to instructor ratio?

Each camp will have between a 10-20 camper to instructor ratio.

•  What skills & abilities will be tested for and trained at camp? Leading Sports Conditioning Specialists in Orange County

Each camper will be tested using the:   Vertical Jump Test (Power),  Pro Agility Drill (Agility/Quickness),  40 yd dash (Speed)
This will allow the camp instructors to adapt appropriate warm-ups, power, agility, quickness, speed development, bodyweight strength, conditioning and cool down exercises and drills.

•  Are their any prerequisites for attending camp?

Each parent or legal guardian must fill out the necessary forms (registration page) before any young athlete may participate at camp.

•  What are the benefits of Teen Power Hours camp?

11- 17 years old is a very impressionable age. If we can instill the basic core values of exercise and good nutrition at that age ,we can change their adult lives forever. We pride ourselves on quality instruction with our experienced and knowledgeable coaches as well as our coaches' ability to make the challenge of speed & power development fun. The more fun you have, the more work you'll do.

•  How do I know that participants will be safe and comfortable at camp? Orange County Sports Coach

Our lead instructors will not allow any child to leave the camp site alone without expressed written consent from his or her parent or legal guardian and each child must point out their parent or legal guardian before they are allowed to leave camp at the end of each session. Coaches will be present until the last child has been picked up, so please be prompt (if not early!).

•  Can parents or others stay and watch camp?

Parents and friends are welcome to observe camp at any time. Simply make sure to check in with the instructors so that they are aware of who you are for the safety and comfort of all participants.



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