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Fitness Boot Camps Canada Bootcampers love to share their success stories! The following comments are from real bootcampers’ written testimonials and interviews.

February 28 2010
Since starting Boot Camp, I have more energy, am sleeping so much better, am trimmer ( I have dropped 1 size in clothing) and feel stronger. You get a lot of bang for your buck as many of the exercises work sev body areas at once. My husband starting coming with me after seeing how good I was doing. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to improve their fitness level fast.
Thanks Allan Jeannette Holland

Jan 12 2010
“It was a pleasure to be in Allan’s class. He is very committed to making the class meaningful and valuable to every participant. I recommend this program to anyone who is looking to start a fitness program who hasn't been working out for a while or is starting from scratch and really has no idea what to do."
Michael Frederick

Jan 12 2010

Congratulations Eugene for such a amazing Job of getting in Shape and Leaning out, You are a
inspiration to us all. Joining the location and program Eugene went to.

Nov 12th 2009

I have, periodically, moments when I am overcome by the reality of suffering from Parkinson’s Disease. I call them PD moments.

Today, we did the side shuffle exercise using the resistance band. I had a PD moment the first time I tried this exercise last spring ( or was it early summer) because I found it so difficult going to the left, my weak side. At that time, I left the floor and had to take a few moments to compose myself before returning. I almost left the building completely but didn’t.

Today’s experience was entirely different. I had some difficulty going to my left particularly towards the end when I was tired. But the difference between then and now was like night and day.

Your program has been very good for me and for that I am grateful. I tried to tell this to you twice this morning but both times my emotions got the better of me so I’ve resorted to this medium. If you can make use of this story in promoting your business to people with disabilities, I would be pleased.

Thank you

Fraser Horne
Your really a great Guy Fraser and I will talk to you about this on Monday.
Let me just say how proud I am of you. Many people would just give up.
I am so honored to be your trainer. You are a source of inspiration to us all.
Have a truly great day , everything is possible!
Allan Fine / Fitness/ Lifecoach
Phone: 403-246-7386
Mountain Standard Time|

Nov 2nd 2009
The past three months of bootcamp have helped me get back on track again with working out on a regular basis. It took going to boot camp to get back on track as I just couldn't seem to get it together. I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking to start to get in shape again , but they just cant seem to get going. The workouts were great and I enjoyed the company of my fellow bootcampers. Thanks!


October 25th 2009

Yes, yes, I did it. I got off the couch and called (Fitnessbootcampscanada – Allan Fine) and I am working out, taking care of myself and I am still doing it. Allan is a nice guy and he wants you to succeed and pushes you when you need it. I never thought I would get up to work out at 5:30am……I mean really… I love my sleep but I had no excuse for Allan why I couldn't get up. Plus I’m a mom and I don’t feel guilty being away from them because they are sound asleep. I’M the only one who can make this happen (and Allan, of course) and I’m really happy that I did. I Do have a goal now, I would like to ride a bike from Calgary to Canmore next summer…..crazy but I want to do it.
:) Cindi

Cindi Miller
Wow Cindi , All I can say is you look amazing!!!!!!!

October 7th 2009

As you can see from my video and my blog I have lost over 45lbs of fat in only 2 months . Fitness boot Camps Canada and Allan Fine has changed my lifer for the better. I don't know if you can imagine what it's like to be only 27 years old and over 300lbs. When I went to see my doctor about it , it scared the shit out of me. I found the program online and signed up that day. I am now in the 280's and on my way down to 220 eventually.
If you never thought you could do a boot camp your wrong. If I can anyone can. My advice is get off your rear end , stop listening to all the little voices in your head as to why you can't do it and get going.

Joe Todd

JUNE 24th 2009

I never thought that I would be writing a testimonial only one month into doing this bootcamp nor did I think that I would have lost 6 pounds and 10 inches overall, but I am and I did. When we read testimonials and look around at people we sometimes forget that our bodies work at different paces, and we want what they have instantly but it doesn't work like that. Sometimes it takes people longer to achieve their goals and that is why if you signed up for this program you need to stick with it. I am not one to follow exactly what I am supposed to but... with the help of my trainer and accountability to myself I do try to follow my calorie and protein count for a least 4 days a week. That way I won't get discouraged and it will allow me to play a little bit on the weekends. So with that I would like to say 'Thank You' to my trainer Jodine and all the people that go to our bootcamp. I am 48, somewhat competitive and I find that they all really push me. They are all younger than me and I try to keep up with them - and sometimes that is really hard.
Dawn D.

JUNE 19th 2009

While attending Fitness Boot camps Canada I have been able to learn new opportunities about myself I would of not otherwise have known. Allan’s perseverance has lead me to learn and actively be apart of a new life style. A change for the better. I learned healthy eating habits that fit my schedule. Attending Boot Camp for regular exercise brought me to a new level of enjoyment. And the atmosphere is relaxed and mature, leaving you feel respected and valued in all your efforts to better your lifestyle. I would defiantly recommend Allan’s boot camp for anyone who thinks they can’t.....YOU CAN!! It’s a WIN, WIN healthy exercise program.

maggi Fryklund

JUNE 15th 2009

Liya, the Maid of Honor's incredible results at Bridal party boot camp

When I started the bootcamp three months ago I had no idea what to expect; from the early mornings five times a week to the change in eating habits and attitude. At first it was quite an adjustment but slowly it became second nature to me. I never realized how many calories I consumed in a day until I kept track of it in a daily meal planner. After that realization along with the introduction of five meals a day and daily workouts, I noticed a difference.

My goal for the bootcamp was to lose 10 pounds and that is exactly what I did. I feel like I'm in the best shape of my life now. Thank you Emily, Emil and Sam for your support, I'm glad I was able to share this experience with good friends. Last but not least, thank you Al for all your help and life coaching over these past three months.

Liya Mathew

JUNE 15th 2009

Sam, the Best mans incredible results at Bridal party boot camp

JUNE 15th 2009

"The past two and a half months of boot camp have been a blast and I
can say that I will miss it. I won’t really miss having to get up at
4:30 am but having Al and his coaching and motivation from the people
in the class was great.

I’ve always thought of myself as someone who took care of his body but
the course allowed me to really focus on what I was eating and the
correct way to exercise. Dropping 2 inches in my waist and leaning out
my body to 9% (from 18%) was the result and just in time for my
wedding in Jamaica! In addition, Al’s life coaching sessions was
invaluable as it prepared me and my fiancée mentally as we approach
this next step in life. Thank you Al for everything and thanks for
allowing us to share this with our best man and maid of honor."
Emil Chow emilchow@gmail.com


Emil's Story:
 I was actually excited to be starting bootcamp this past Monday as I consider myself someone who likes to stay in shape but as I'm getting older and starting a career, working out is not always something that I can fit in. I was the most fit during University 5+ years ago when a gym and workout partner was easily accessible but since graduating and getting into the workforce, my only main physical activity would be co-ed soccer once a week for the past couple of years. I was never one for pop or junk food and consider myself lucky to have good genes. I not only want to regain some of the muscle I've lost but actually get in the best shape of my life in time for my beach wedding in Jamaica in 3 months. I would say my biggest challenge is to maintain my schedule and get up on time as I've never had to get up at 4:30 (ever!) unless I had a plane to catch. With Allan's coaching and motivation plus the support from Emily, Sam, and Liya, I believe I will exceed my goals in no time!

Emily's Story:
Bootcamp…I knew before I started it would be a love/hate relationship. I was excited and scared all at the same time. I hadn’t worked out in months (or wait maybe it was even years) long story short, it was much needed and long overdue. I knew that with the help Liya, Sam and Emil it would make things a lot easier. Oh who am I kidding…it is more fun to suffer in a group. Emil had forewarned me that it wouldn't be a military style bootcamp…I just gave him a dirty look. Nonetheless, I have committed to this and I have a good feeling. I’m sure it will be a life changing experience that I will never forget or regret. After all no pain, no gain!

MAY 4TH 2009
Hey, Allan. I started my first boot camp at 5:30 am today with Winneth and it was awesome! Winneth is an amazing lady and I have a huge amount of respect for her already. I can see she is going to be a tremendous motivator, and I am pumped! Tired, but pumped.

Just wanted to let you know the first day was great, and I have been tweaking my meal plans over the past two weeks and I think I've created a plan that will work for me, thanks to the FBCC books.

Have a wonderful day - talk to you soon.

Karen Brown
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APRIL 30TH 2009
My perfect life
I have all the love that I need, could not ask for more. If I didn’t have to work full time and had the money, I would spend my days doing the things I enjoy the most, I would be spending it doing activities that keep me active and engaged with helping other people within my community. If there were any skills for me to learn it would be geared towards health and fitness because that’s my primary goal to live a longer and proactive life.
My needs are simple, have the energy, fitness level and mind set to do and enjoy things that keep me going day-to-day. I want to be able to do anything because I am physically able to do it and not worry because my age tells me otherwise. My age is only a number!
I love being busy! I love playing soccer, watching my daughter play soccer, meeting new people and singing Karaoke on Friday nights. My happiness is about keeping busy, active and doing well at everything I do. Key word is succeeding in everything I do! That is what I mostly desire! I have motivation, but it’s usually short lived. Like a New Year’s Resolution….January is a great start, but by February, I have lost the ‘Can-do’ attitude and go back to my comfortable ways of life.
These are the results after 5 ½ weeks of boot camp
Loretta Paglinawan

APRIL 15TH 2009
Wow,, dropping 3 dress sizes and about 23 pound of fat has given me more energy and confidence.The Commitment of working out 5 days a week for the past year in boot camp has finally given me the results I had always been hoping for but was never able to achieve on my own. I haven't been this size i=since JR> high. Getting up early has become a habit, so has eating 5 times a day. I'm really going to miss Boot Camp and all the wonderful people I have met in the last year. I really , really recommend Fitness Boot camps Canada to Anyone looking to finally get in shape but even more important change their lives.
Kim Meronik

APRIL 2ND 2009
"when I started Boot Camp I was overweight and heading into being VERY over weight!!. When I saw pictures of myself or looked in the mirror I was very depressed. My clothes didn't fit anymore and I didn't want to give in and just go up another size. So I sat down on my computer one day and started researching Boot Camps on the internet in Calgary. I couldn't believe so many came up. But Fitness Boot Camps Canada was #1 on top of the list. I looked carefully at the program and I wanted to workout first thing in the morning. So I signed up right then and anyone I told I was working out in a Boot Camp at that time in the morning said I was crazy to exercise at 530 am. I liked it!!

So fast forward 6 months later and wow I couldn't be happier, I have lost weight and inches, I feel stronger and more energized, healthier and better about myself. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who needs to make a serious lifestyle change like I did. I am so happy I signed up with Allan and Fitness Boot Camps Canada."
Cheryl Leonardi
( Sorry I kind of cut your head off in the first pic) Al

Surfing the internet I found this old testimonial that I had never seen even from almost 4 years ago.

I have been to Allan Fine's Alberta Adventure Boot camp and it Rocked!!
I tried 2 of the other boot camps mentioned and I got hurt in one and the other one the trainer was so new she didn't seem to know what she was doing.
In the Alberta Adventure Boot Camp I lost 30 lbs of fat in 2 months and 3 dress sizes. Allan was great and I chose it because it was the only Boot Camp that had Lifecoaching in it. I would and have recommended it to all of my friends.
Joyce Woodrow

UPDATE Feb 11 2009
After almost 1 year of waiting and planning Tanya and Darcy got married on a tropical beach . Just look at how fantastic (lean) and happy they are. They were part of our Bridal Party Boot camp program and were in for about 8 months. You can see their original testimonials below.

February 2nd 2009
To Fitness Boot camps Canada
I just wanted to say thanks. I have tried to lose weight and inches for about 5 years now with no success. The program I went through was amazing. It was really thorough. I always thought cardio would help me lose weight. I tried a few other boot camps in Calgary before but the instructors didn't seem to know what they were doing. I now realize that weight training is the way to go to lose the fat.
I would recommend this to anyone who is thinking about joining a boot camp program and think twice before joining the cheaply ones like i did. You get what you pay for.




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