Certified Master Life Coach and Fitness Trainer  and Your Host Allan H FineDear friend,

My name is Allan Fine and have I got a story to tell you!!

You see, I was called Chubby. I wasn't extremely overweight,but I hated my body and at 13 got stuffed into a locker for a hour or so.

I felt totally HUMILIATED! I kept replaying that awful embarrassing moment in my head for weeks.

To make matters worse I sank deeper and deeper into this never-ending funk and self-destructive eating pattern that packed on more weight.

But then it hit me. Can I keep doing this and keep adding more weight and feeling even more miserable about myself? "Enough was enough!"

It took a lot of sweat and tears to find what really worked to keep my weight off and finally feel happy with myself.

Then a miracle happened. I stumbled on my boot camp secret formula that literally transformed my body over night.

I swelled up with tears with the shear joy of finally feeling happy with my body and my self. My Boot Camp Secret Formula worked a miracle for me and I know it will for you to...

Allan Fine- Founder/CEO Fitness Boot Camps Canada.

Feel strong, healthy & happy everyday. It’s a lifestyle change.
It’s Fitness Boot Camps Canada.

Knowing that fitness is only part of the equation, Allan created a full lifestyle, nutrition and fitness program that could help clients create and sustain a healthy lifestyle. Using his training and knowledge as a certified life coach he also decided to include motivational group sessions and a one-on-one goal planning sessions for all clients – a first for boot camps in Canada.

Clearly in the case of Fitness Boot Camps Canada the statistics speak for themselves – we have helped thousands of clients and our programs are quickly growing across Canada.

Our Mission Statement:
To help our clients achieve their full potential in their lives by providing them with the tools they need, through fitness, nutrition and life coaching.
Our Vision:
We are passionate about health and fitness and lead the industry with excellence! We believe that lifestyle
impacts happiness and success in every aspect of a person’s life. We believe that people are 100% responsible for their lives – no excuses. Our commitment to our clients is to help teach them that anything is possible and show them how to achieve their ultimate fitness and lifestyle goals.

Join today and get the right tools for permanent success:

• Private fitness assessment & goal planning session
Customized fitness programs - bridal, 2 – 5 days a week, bikini boot camp, teen boot camps and .more.
• Customized nutrition plan & tracking program.
• Members only Forum full of e-books & resources.
• Optional twice a week group motivational coaching calls.

Certified Master Life Coach and Fitness Trainer  and Your Host Allan H Fine
Program Administrator Fitness Boot Camps Canada
Bonnie Fine.

Bonnie brings a professional touch to our company. She holds a Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree and is working on designing drama programs for children.

She believes strongly in a whole body and mind approach to fitness and overall wellness.

Bonnie is committed and passionate in regards to service excellence and is continually working on filling in the gaps between where we are as a company and where we want to be.



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