Get fit and have fun at boot camp!!

So your thinking about joining a fitness/ weight loss, lifestyle change program?

Why join our program?
We will make the biggest difference in your life.

Here are the criteria you should use to decide which program is best for you.

1. Do they have a pre and post evaluation – we work with you to ensure that your goals are properly outlined from the start. Through our analysis we’ll both know what it is you need for success. From inch and weight lose to muscle toning you’ll lose what you need and keep what you want.

2. Do they play music during your camp- All of our camps use high energy music to keep you motivated during your workout. Keep a smile on your face and the groove in your feet while reaching your goals.

3. Are they for beginner or advanced clients
- Many camps use sand bags, heavy wooden polls or large tires. This is VERY dangerous for beginner and intermediate training. Do they go outside regardless of the weather conditions? Our programs were created with fitness in mind- not exercise shock value.

4. Do they use only client body weight for resistance- Your body has a inherent knowledge of whether or not you’re using extra resistance or just your body weight. Training using extra resistance or weight is the fastest way to achieve results. Our programs were developed with this strategy in mind.
If body weight only training was truly effective, why have so many people who are very over weight who do pushups and sit ups and walk all the time not lose tons of weight.

5. Do they offer ongoing coaching and support- Beyond our expertly developed program we offer full nutritional planning and consulting. You’re never on your own once you’ve signed up for our program.

6. We have seen many new boot camp fitness programs - Some of them only offer 2 days a week training, ask any seasoned fitness professional. Your not going to see any type of results only working out 2 days a week for 1 hour and these programs only use body weight training as we explained is one of the most ineffective ways to lose weight in inches . In other words your wasting your money and they just don't work.

Compare our boot camp to all the others:

QUESTION FBCC Survivor Type Bootcamps Military Boot Camp Booty type Boot Camps Other Bikini Boot Camp
1. Do they have great and ongoing pre and post evaluations, including detailed Body fat testing, measurements and more?
2. Do the play music during your session to make the program more fun? ( Imagine working out to dead silence-for an hour!)
3. Do they have a comprehensive detailed nutritional program to follow ( not one they outsource to another company and charge you more money for ) ?
4. Do they use weight training and band training as the main staple of their program
( weight training is the fastest way to get in shape!) ?
5. Do they have Fun & Exercises that Vary to keep you from boredom?
6. Are they helping you work towards a permanent Lifestyle Changes for the better or are they just some temporary program
7. Are they helping you build a Faster More Sexy Metabolism?
8. Do they include , core training ,pilate's, yoga, flexibility training in all their workouts?
9. Do they have weekly Motivational coaching calls to support you and answer all your questions?
10. Do they have thousands of dollars in extra value to their program like we do called the forum?
11. Is their program based upon sound principles of exercise ( training at least 3 - 5 times a week ) or just a fluffy 2 day a week program mostly for fun?



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